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1255 Yeamans Hall Road
Hanahan, SC 29410
Telephone: (843) 554-4221
Facsimile: (843) 747-3220

Hanahan, South Carolina

Hanahan Fire Department 

Fire Department



Fire Station I:
5826 Campbell Street, Hanahan, South Carolina 29410
office: (843) 554-4221
fax:    (843) 576-5277
emergency:  911

Fire Station II:
1200 S. Basilica Ave. , Hanahan, SC  29410
office: (843) 553-9464
E-mail: FireDepartment2@cityofhanahan.com
no fax at this location
emergency:  911

Fire Station III:
1101 Williams Lane, Hanahan, SC  29410
office: (843) 266-8096
E-Mail: FireDepartment3@cityofhanahan.com
fax: (843) 266-8243
emergency:  911

Interim Fire Chief(s):
Captain Jim Courtney, Captain Brad Shipman, Captain Mike Langan, and Captain Buck Buchanan

The City of Hanahan Fire Department is a Class III rated department consisting of three fire companies located throughout the city.

The Fire Chief supervises one Assistant Chief and 4 Captains, who command three shifts and work 24 hours on and 48 hours off.   The Assistant Chief oversees the training and daily operations of all three companies and will assume the duties of the Fire Chief in his absence.  The remainder of the Fire Department staff consists of Captains, Engineers and firefighters.   A Captain is in charge of each shift, with an engineer and two firefighters in his company. 
The Hanahan City Fire Department was established with the mission of saving lives and protecting property. Originally, this mission was accomplished solely by fighting fires. Although the fundamental mission remains the same, the Fire Department of today performs a much wider variety of duties. 
The staff of the Hanahan City Fire Department carries out its modern day mission with an emphasis on fire prevention, public education, risk reduction, and hazard abatement, in addition to fire and rescue response and control. We still fight fire, but we also respond to other emergency situations including vehicle extrications, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, high-angle rescue, structural collapse, swift water rescue, and any natural or man-made disasters.  
Utilizing the Fire and Life Safety Codes adopted by City Council, the Building Codes Division and Fire Prevention Division provide an inspection and permitting program to make our built environment safer for all City residents, business owners, customers, and visitors.  
In addition, public fire and life safety education programs are presented year round to both general and select audiences through direct contact, special presentations, and media releases.  
The men and women of the Fire Department are committed to fulfilling our modern day mission and to continually improving our ability to meet the goal of making the City of Hanahan as safe as possible for its citizens.



Fire Inspections

Fire Inspectors make routine inspections in nearly every building in the City at least once per year. Many buildings are visited more often based on their use. For example, restaurants, schools, auditoriums or places where large numbers of people can gather, are inspected more frequently to ensure all of the Fire Safety systems and equipment are working properly. 

Inspections are conducted with the owner, agent or manager of the property and are systematic, floor by floor, room by room, so the inspector can see every possible place a fire could start. If a hazard is located, the inspector will note it in his report and a copy will be made for the owner of the property. 
Usually, fire hazards are corrected within thirty days. However, some serious hazards may have to be corrected immediately, such as locked or blocked exit doors, or malfunctioning fire suppression equipment.
The Fire Inspector can issue a fine for each violation, but that is rare. We try very hard to work with business owners to correct safety hazards before it becomes necessary to levy fines.